Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage by Maria Lorena Barrazueta

Until death due us apart... Or money
Love and romance have been the inspiration for thousand of songs through history most of the hits at the billboards are love songs and the best well known actors earned their prestigious position thanks to love movies, romantic scenes or passion scandals.
L-O-V-E , four letters,2 people, obe life along with other values like respect, solidarity, honesty, patience, loyalty and friendship complemented with communication trust and most important : passion and stability, are the ingredients needed to bake a sweet and never ending happy marriage.
If you want a tasteful cake you need the right ingredients but completing the recipes list is not a task since cupid quiet,traditions died and man decided that commitment is a useless- pre historic belief and woman lost respect for their pride.
Passion and luxury are the greatest love fakers that is why youth in this modern era have decided to take big steps without moral,sex,alcohol, driving and marriage lay on the same group.
Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage at early ages, if there is no stability , specially economically, fights and discussions suddenly transform in divorce, love in hate and the other person unbearable.
There is no one rushing people into marriage, if we are so modern, then modernly decide to wait and delete as much as possible such commitment.
Love is independent of marriage but marriage does depends on love and many other things.
Like a professional chef, get the right ingredients put effort to mix them correctly until you have a sweet love story bake it with the time and patience and finally pick the right person to share it, case marriage is the dessert of your life you need tot think , you need to love, you need time, and so many things to build a home.

Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child children.

by Yvanna Yunez
Despise all your friends and relatives, your family should be the pillar of your success.
There are many thoughts about, who’s in charge of the success of others and the answer could be: You are your own success, BUT that besides all, think about your childhood, ¿who were the people that support you and guide you to the right path? The answers are two words that in the dictionary could have a common meaning but in your heart should mean everything, MOM and DAD; they are your family, your guides, and your inspirations as some people call them. They are the ones that besides all your mistakes NEVER will let you down, they who after every fall will help you getting up, those who say we are here when no one is, your parents are part of your consciousness that few ever see or appreciate, they are the reason that you have to succeed in your life, you might think that success can be for yourself, but thanks to your parents you were there to achieve that success.
The parent's place in the life of a boy is impressively important, not only for children but for parents themselves, ¿why? When a parent takes on the responsibility of love the child, make it part of your life completely, is when that parent truly deserves a child.
Each parent have a role to perform, likely the mother should take care of the child for the first months and the father should support her, they are chefs of a good meal, because they form, make and prepared the child to the world.
In this time there exist few families that aren’t complete, as they when it involve the marriage, is better to be secure of the feelings, but some parents that are divorced think that passing money or seeing his or her kid once in a month is enough, well a kid NEED both parents in his life, cause is always needed a man advice or a woman advice sometime. I will add a personal experience to support the responsibility of both parents on a child’s life.
-Ten years ago my mom and my dad got divorced, we used to travel together, get out together and do everything like a family, my mom is a great chef and my dad an expert eating her food, I thought everything was okay between the two, but after all nothing is what it seems. After the divorce I was shocked, it was a important and influential event on my life, I thought that my dad didn’t love me and neither my mom and I started to get bad grades and getting sad all day. A afternoon my mom and my dad were seating on the living room talking like nothing happened and I desperately ran to see what was happening, in the end they told me that they are best friends, that they are better like that, my dad explain me, that before I was given to birth, he didn’t like kids, he was kidaholic, but everything change when my mom was pregnant, when he saw me the first time he was amazed, he loved me since he read to my mom’s belly. He repeatedly told me that I was the most important person for him on earth, that he will never let me down and will always support me no matter what happened, my mom was smiling, I thought that she was faking but when my dad left she told me: you are the reason your dad and I are best friends, we have a lot things in common but you are the most important, and having you happy makes us happy. Those words change my life forever,
After explaining this short story, you should see the importance and the influence that a parent is for a child.

Friday, November 19, 2010

IDGE 2010 Second Place

 Logos Academy's Debate Team got second place "The Ecuadorian Education System should implement a curriculum that focuses on environmental conservation". Our team members are Fernando Moya and Lisley Munoz our back up team, Camila Arcos and Ariana Quintero official timekeepers, Melanie Espinet and Juan Jose Jaramillo our official researchers.

Our tournament speakers were Yvanna Yunez and Maria Lorena Barrazueta. Maria Lorena was nominated Best Speaker of the 2010 IDGE Tournament.

We are so proud!!!!

Brave New World 632 AF

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"The Ecuadorian High School Education System should implement a curriculum that focuses on environmental conservation"

What would the advantages and disadvantages be?

Write a 400 word comment for the advantages as well as the disadvantages of implementing a curriculum that focuses on environment conservation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We made it to the IDGE Semifinals!

You can read our debaters constructive speeches
Yvanna Yunez was Affirmative and Negative Speaker 1
Ma. Lorena Barrazueta was Affirmative and Negative Speaker 2

You can listen to there simulation practice in 6A done on Monday, September 6, 2010. Would you like to listen to this debate click on this link Podcast 
Go to recent audios, search for "debates 1 to 6" listen and download.