Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Friday, October 2, 2009

Government paternalism is the cause for society's lack of self improvement

Consider knowing about the following before debating:
  1. Definition: Government paternalism
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Types of government
  4. Welfare policies and reformations
  5. Autonomy vs Paternalism
  6. Causes for self-improvement
  7. Causes for lack of self improvement
  8. Society’s self-improvement Society’s lack of self-improvement

Affirmative Arguments
Government paternalism affects society’s liberty
Disadvantages of Welfare
Corrupted governments cannot offer quality education
Welfare policies
Paternalism and corruption
Dysfunctional democracy
Excessive subsidy expenditures

Negative Arguments

Government paternalism improves living standards
Government paternalism promotes common wealth
Government paternalism supports education
Welfare policies fight poverty
Democratic governments are paternalistic
Paternalism is morally accepted
Corruption is an enormous cause for society’s lack of self improvement
Government paternalism offers opportunities for a better life
Social Services helps people self-improve
Welfare reformation policies helps society

Write affirmative and negative arguments. Think of cross examination questions. Answer questions yes and no to spike in your rebuttal speeches. Prepare you possible rebuttal speech.


Adriana Gruezo said...

I think this topic would be great for a debate..

Logos Debate Team said...

So you would be able to debate against it or for it??

Martha Ma. Sánchez del Campo said...

Hola! Muy bien. Ya en blog!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs I think that you should first put information of the debate club ....on the top ....and then the opinions at the end...on the bottom of the page!!

Melanie Espinet