Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Friday, November 6, 2009

Future Video Gamer

By Juan Jose Jaramillo

All of us have seen movies where we see a kid playing in a virtual room. This makes us think: It will be possible?. New technologies are boosting the power, game experience and software of thee video game industry. We see today new upgrades for the gamer and interesting future options for them such as the coming soon game "DJ Hero" which leads you to the world of DJ. These games include an almost-real sound mixer for the game. Rock Band uses drums and guitars very similar to the originals and it provides a day of fun and music without being good with an instrument.

The Nintendo Wii has motion sensors in all of its controllers that produce awesome dynamism in the games. Video Games are also improving the way they look. Adaptations for high-definition and plasma T.V. are included in all games. According to zdnet.com on the article "Sony plays up future of video games" posted by David Becker on March 26 2004 explains: Forget mashing the "X" button; future games will use cameras to read your body movements and facial expressions, plus microphones backed by advance speech recognition technology to recognize vocal commands. And perhaps they'll all be crammed into your personal entertainment robot, so the game sensors follow you wherever you go. Another aspect of the future video games is the connection of countries and continents by using high speed internet to communicate all around the world. All consoles are equipped with high speed connection and communication through internet. This allows a gamer from Ecuador to play with a gamer of Japan!. Almost every game comes up with Wi-Fi connection to include online playing. This makes us think: Are we too big or the world is just too small?.

Every kid, every teenager and even some adults have videogames. Society and videogames go hand in hand. Every day in school I hear my friends talking about their new Xbox or Play Station, I hear them talking about last night online "war" at Call of Duty, I hear them talking about their new games; even I want better and newer ones so it catches us all.

Fun and money: great combo. Videogame industry is making this come true. New videogames persuades every pocket. Kids are begging for them and parents accepting, ending in both fun. Even older ones buy them in order to be able to sell them to the younger.

Fun and health: another great combo. Although your parents think videogames damage your health, they are wrong!!. Many medical studies proved that videogames increases the capacity of thinking, strategy, ability to gather info. Thus, the Wii Fit, has helped many people with yoga exercises.

So fun( videogames) is a great combination with everything. But remember: every excess is bad.


Logos Academy Debate Team 2009 said...

Juan Jose,
so you are pro video games! Who would have thought that. I am a bit skeptical about video games when it comes to violent, aggressive and offensive games that actually prepare you to kill or rape. Yet, if parents are monitoring the games we should be on the safe side, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

i think that this is a good topic to talk and i am not saying this because i am a teenager i am saying this because this is something that every teenager including some adults have a console to have fun with friends or something.

this is very interesting because in the future we posibly would have some cameras or things that read our movements and we can fell the kicks or the bullets something like that.

this is a way to show that the world is improving and this is something very goos because it makes our life more easy.

Jose Bayona.

Anonymous said...

Is too interesting read this article because the technology improve the capacity for their ability, but in some case the technology is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

this article is very important because the tecnology increase at the years pass.in the future you dont need to use buttons, you are in the game.

benny lanata

Anonymous said...

I think this article is really interesting science video games are a controvercial (scince some people say they are not so good for health as they seem to be while others say it improves your brain capacity, and reasoning abilities)I think they can be as bad and as good depending how you use them, science its okay if I buy a violent game or horror game for example dead space because even thought it has this 2 characteristics it ends up being fun, not because of the violence but because of the suspense and that the game has you in while you are playing
( I personally like to watch my older brother hile he is playing this because Its interesting and surprising the clarity and good resolution of the game gráphics wich add an enviromental effect of suspense, terror, etc. deending on how the creators use them..also because it stresses him =) )it is also fun because of the puzzles you have to solve wich can be stressing sometimes but improve your reasoning capacity as well, and about the technological part of the video games, if the graphics of a game could go from squares to almost perfect graphics in so short time I think it would be soon improving games to use full body motion and to discard controles.

María Belén Weisson

pd:nice article!

Anonymous said...

Video games are taking the life of the kids and adults and its true that medical studies said that it didnt affected the health but we wasted our time doing this things.

Rafaela Aguirre

Anonymous said...

technology increase and the world is bad, child play all days, the pockets of the scientifics are full of money and in africa people died.

Majo Gomez

Anonymous said...

the technology will improve a lot trought the years, new video games will appear and thats going to be wonderfull. but we also need to consider the other side of the situation. these new games, that will be very real, with an exellent quality and fantastic commands of control will make the people lazy, yes, there are medical resources that says that the video games are great but do you think that play 8 or 9 hours is good for a kid? parents need to help to control the time the kids spend on video games, and we need as teenagers to control the time we spend on video games they can help us but they also can damage us!

debate club

Anonymous said...

this is great because in the future you will be in the game, you will be the game and also these games help the capacity of thinking with strategy and many abilities. And something is clear that every in excess is bad so play those video games without excess and it will be fun.

Avaro Acosta

Anonymous said...

It is true that everyone have a videogame and it is an interesting form of pass time with your friends and also good for the mental cordination and other things but videogames in excess is very bad because it made an antisocial person and that is bad.
Nicolas Moya

Anonymous said...

I think its a good article and it would be awesome if in the future we all have video games and no consoles!!Wher we can have different things and ways of playing!!I love video games and I have a WII and its soo fun to play games with ....since you have to move your own arms on the counsel!!!