Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010


02- 06- 10 9 o clock
Interview with: Psychologist Miss Maricruz studied in university Laica with a doctorate in science of adolescents psychology.
Her arguments were:
1. Adolescents are not mature enough
2. agree that in leading economies studying all subjects are compulsory which have lead them to their high developments
3. there is a macro organization of education
4. Adolescents are changing and influenced
5. disagrees that they are taking out their liberty
According to her doctorate, she knows that 15-16 year old adolescents have not reached their full physical and mental development, therefore they do not have the capacity to decide that, also that adolescents tend to go with the trends and seemed to feel the peer pressure and the feeling of leaving their friends behind and that it is very common that many students take the same decision of their friends to stay i their comfort zone and to be trendy.
She mentioned that there exists an organization of education to a macro level that goes beyond the students' and the high school's decision. This organization is in charge to study the needs and the improvements in the globalized society to make the study PENSUL for each specialization.
She stated that only 2 in 30 students is sure of what specialization they will choose and their university carrier and that the other 28 find out what they want to be in 6th course, that is when their affinity and love to the career appears; because of this situation THESE macro organization implements to every specialization a wide scale on extra subjects, therefore if students change their mind of have any kind of regrets they will be prepared for university. she is a living example of this, she studied in BACHILLERATO mathematical physicist although she studied PSYCHOLOGY in the university. Actually she can estimate that all her effort in bachiilerato was worth it, she said to us that although she does not apply what she learn in bachillerato with Psychology, she applied it to the MATHEMATICAL LOGIC test that all professionals in the educational system must subdue and that ANY EXTRA KNOWLEDGE COULD NEVER AN INCONVENIENT.
We asked her about the liberty that nowadays adolescents are submitted to, if adolescents can vote for the president and for the student council then why they cant choose their subjects? she answered negatively; No, i don't say NO because they shouldn't have the liberty to do so, i say it because there exists a study PENSUL that already studies the necessary complements for each specialization, is the job of the organization, they work on that all day long, any adolescent go out of high school and starts thinking what they will choose.

her argument was
the bachillearto students are not capable of deciding YET, was is better for them
she state in bachilletato the students age is 15, 16 and 17 they are mentally unpreparate to decinding that Copernican decision. the subjects that the school is giving to the students are the base to be an EXPERT, they have to be prepared for everything. a clear example if you studied chemical or biological and in the university he decided to studied laws, you may ask how the chemestry and bioanatomy may help well if you are working as a lawyer in a hospital, they need to be prepared, you need EXTRA credits for the university, they will be more capable of working and now a days that the world is GLOBALIZED. 
she stated very clear that is disagree with the fact that the bachillerato students could have the choice to choose their own subjects in their specialization. 
1)do you agree that now the adolecence have the right to vote, the right to speak, they have freedom and right, dont you think that letting them choose their subjects
she responde i dont really agree with that cause the school dont choose the subjects in the specialization, the one that choose it are the MACRO organizations, in the education ministry. they choose all those subjects cause the studied very carefully the adolecenses mind, and they know with poles and interviews what they need.
think about something a 20 or 10% of the bachillerato students know what they want to be but the other 90 or 80% of the students are insecure of what they want to study in the university. so they will accept the small group or the mayority, think about that.

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