Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2009 Fashion !!!

By Melanie Espinet

Everyone likes being current and fashionable. The fashion trend for this winter is just too fabulous!
With winter coming, perhaps it’s time that we update our wardrobes a bit. Well, here are the hottest winter fashion trends that may help you in your winter shopping.

Winter fashion:

Fashionable Color - Purple!

Coats -Black, brown, gray are the traditional hues for winter coats. If you truly want to stand out, Venture in bright plaids, animal prints, pinks, reds, or go all white (or beige) for a fabulous winter look that will pop. Fur coats epitome of rich and queen-like.

Boots-This winter, ankle high booties are hot. Also knee high boots, laced-up boots and cut-out shoes.

Cashmere - Cashmere jacket, coats, pants, scarves, pashmina and even pajamas perfect for the winter! It’s strong, light, soft and oh so warm!

Jeans- Skinny jeans have been around for quite some time now.

Bags- Purple dresses, purple, coats, purple pants… the whole fashion world goes purple this winter! And what can be a better tribute to this fabulous color trend than a fierce purple bag?

Accessories- Purple wallets, purple belts, purple gloves, gorgeous purple jewelry, purple scarves. Remember to wear an accessory or two at a time.

Sexy and classy… those two words describe this year’s winter runway trends.

Accentuating the waist has returned! Seen on a curvy dress or a belted swing coat, the emphasis is back on the waist – thank God!

The fitted shift dress provides a much-needed change from all the trapeze-shaped dresses this past summer. Fashion for winter is sexier and edgier


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with Melanie Espinet. Fashion is for everyone and each color have a meaning and each thing that we used too.
Michelle Hernandez

mario said...

Everyone at our age wants to have the hottest clothes and accesories. everybody should dress as they want without influences, because fashion may change some people.

DaniellaLlaguno said...

Everybody feels persuaded by other people just because their way to dress or to follow the fashion time, sometimes we dress in uncomfortable ways just because we eant to please the society or just to be accepted in a cool group, the best way we can look is using the most comfortable clothes, to use want we want, to have our own style and to have personality

Anonymous said...

I believe that fashion is not for everyone, because some colors are not appropriate because of the different skin tones of each person. Is always good to dress in a classic way. In this article are some tips that we can follow and that maybe can help us in a fashion emergency.
Patricia Pesantes

Edison said...

Everyone should dress however they want and even be fashonable but do not let it go over your head too much because fashion can change people and it will not be for that person's own benefit, so just be yourself and dress however you like. Do not follow tendencies that may lead you into the wrong path.

belenmarin said...

The fashion is one of the most reality in our generation , everyone wants to have the most beautiful and expensive clothes. Thanks of this are create the winter fashion , this is to have all the clothes according to the seasons. I have to say that LOVE fashion! and I like to buy a lot of clothes and shoes.

Anonymous said...

everyone should dress what ever they want and it can be or not fashionable. fashion can change people, so follow ypur own fashion way and you will feel great.

Anonymous said...

everyone should dress what ever they want and it can be or not fashionable. fashion can change people, so follow ypur own fashion way and you will feel great.
Alvaro Acosta

Anonymous said...

The cloth in many person can be a way to determine their personality so the people had to wear things they want and not to try to be someone else.
Nicolas Moya

Anonymous said...

I am very indifferent with expensive stuff but I really love fashion. I can buy any shirt or skirt in any place but my wallets, my glasses, my jeans and my bags need to have some specific brands that I really like. My favorite color is purple and I love winter because I can use hats, sweaters, boots and my bags =)... I love to feel that everything looks prefect in my clothing. I love fashion, I love to shop.

Maria Claudia Weir
5th A

andy_endara said...

fashion is one of the most important aspects in the sociaty , in this winter we have a ner BLACK is the Purple, you need to have a purple dress , jacket , skinny jeans and sweaters .

animal print is another option, this makes girls look sexy and hot.

Anonymous said...

I really love this article because my favorite color is purple and I always dream that the fashion color some day could become purpule and in this article my dream came true, I really love this suggestion of winter clothes, but in the other hand I realized and I know that the fashion is not been created for everyone, and I know that not every one can follow the same tips of fashion because we all are different, we have different color of skin, faces, bodies, etc and also realized that sometimes this characteristics make the fashion clothes look ugly when is not true.

Domenica Avellan
5th A

Anonymous said...

hello, i am a student of 8 grade. i read your article and i cant believe the topic you choose.
you are talking about the fashion and a lot of your classmates and partners from your school comment about that but. have you ever read the newspaper? have you seen the worldwide problems that we as the world population are supporting.
you are talking about the clothe while in Iraq or afganistan there are a lot of soldiers diying.
you are a debate member please choose topics that really help the people that are going to read them. i read yours and now i known about 2009 fashion, how is that going to help me to be a good, different and self-improve person in the world?

LoReNa BaRrAzUeTa said...

Fashion is very important! after all is the way you dress therefore is the way you look! The first impretion is the one that matters! Now the only thing is left to do is to choose which one of them is the best for u!
So thanks for the updates in the latest fashion!

Anonymous said...

well is depends on each person actualy.If they like fashion or not.Yeah its mostly girls who care about how they dress but it still depends on the person.

Anonymous said...

Fashion is very important for the people, we always want to have the most in accesories, shoes and clothes, is good to be worried about ourselves but all the exagerations are bad. it is bad to be only worried about our external beauty and not for the internal.
Andrea Aguilera

Anonymous said...

Human beings have problems... fashion is the most popular way of promoting consumism in earth. With fashion we buy things we dont need at high prices when we can buy clothes we need at low prices. We all have that problem.

Matias Polar

Anonymous said...

Fashion is an important factor that move the world. Fashion is follow the trendy stuffs and always be actual in everything but fashion is not only this. We can be also fashion when we feel confortable of what we have or use. But we have to think about abot better the things because we let carrying by fashion and it can't be the correct thing. Ivanna Díaz.

Anonymous said...

Fashion or being fashionable has become society's top priority now. It doesn't matter whether you're going through an economic instability, people just keep buying this stuff just to make a good impression around everyone they know. People used to wander whther they should help the poor or volunteer at anything else. Now the only question inside their heads is whether they look good or not.
-Danu Dominguez

Anonymous said...

i dont like to follow the fashion ins and outs, because you are what you wear and if you wear the same clothes or use the same accesories you become the same person and lose what makes you unique, use what you want to use, nobody have voice or vote to say that your in and out, because fashion cant be measure, is like an aestethic value.
atte.estefania zevallos

Anonymous said...

FASHION IS A WAY OF LIFE! haha I'm going to study fashion design because I like to create new styles and see how the fashion world goes on with new things to wear!
Valeria Rugel

Anonymous said...

i honestly believe that fashion is an addiction because you have the necessity to have new clothe every weekend, new shoes, dresses for each night out in a club.
i love to be fashion but i really don't complicate my life on stressing because i dont label clothes.