Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to celebrate the holidays

by Lisley Munoz

Families and individuals celebrate holidays in many different ways. Some folks don't even celebrate at all, or perhaps do so in small ways. Most of us, however, enjoy the opportunity of treating a special day in a meaningful way.

If you want to build some family holiday traditions but you're not sure how, here are some ideas to put sparkle into your festivities:

Some celebrants really get into the spirit of the day by dressing in a red, white, and blue outfit in July or a costume for Halloween. A glittery dress at New Year's or a cherry bough pin for Presidents Day can let others know that you are recognizing the special day.

Sponsor an event. Don't wait to be asked to a party; have one yourself! Or arrange a gathering to acknowledge the holiday at hand. Invite friends to a Saint Patrick's Day spud-eating contest or a Memorial Day trip to the cemetery for a solemn visit to those that have passed on. Ask the neighbors over for home-made ice cream on July fourth or a cookout on Labor Day.

Whatever your favorite holiday, don't let it pass without taking time to do it up right this year. Cook, decorate, or dress for the occasion, and invite others to share your festivities. The most important things about the holidays is that all friends and families be united to have a great time together!


mario said...

i think every holiday must be celebrated in a proper way, especially christmas and those kind of hollidays.

Anonymous said...

I think its a great advice for those people who enjoy to party and celebrate but dont know how to enjoy the holidays that way. Celebrating the holidays will also let you have some quality time with your family and friends.
Sebastian Cassis

DaniellaLlaguno said...

tHIS ARE GREAT ADVICES OF HOW TO CARRY IN HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS HAve customs this customs are adopted by each country or each continent this are moments that we can pass with our family or great moments that we can remeber with all our friends

Anonymous said...

I think that you must take a break and celebrate in spacial occasions like holidays and also celebrate in a correct way
Alvaro Acosta

Anonymous said...

we need to celebrate the holidays with the family and friends and with the people we love. I prefer to celebrate the holidays with family and friends in my house that in a party in which i do not know anyone there... the holidays is the time fot family, friends and for you... think if you are good, bad, how are you living your life. let´s celebrate

Anonymous said...

The initiative to celebrate a special occasion comes from within each person and the motivation that you put in any activity you want to do. It's fun to meet and spend a pleasant and happy time with people you love and steem.
Patricia Pesantes

Edison said...

I think holidays should always be celebrated so you can pass on with friends and always have a great time! We should never let ourselves get bored and always celebrate the ocasions but what makes it really special i think is one's own special touch .

belenmarin said...

I think that this are good advices to can pass the holidays, also you can pass holidays traveling to other countries with your family or friends I do that with all my family we went to disney, thats was so exciting =)

Anonymous said...

I think all the festivity has to been celebrate with your family or with special persons you have around you.
Nicolas Moya

Anonymous said...

Holidays that are allow to celebrate are the ones that me and my family celebrate. The best time to enjoy little moments with your family and friends is in Holidays. I love Christmas, I like very much Halloween but I dislike the day of the deaths. I think that in that holidays we have to feel good and have an spirit to enjoy time with other people. Each Holiday differ but if we celebrate each one in a proper way we will have memories and continue the tradition.

Maria Claudia Weir
5th A

Anonymous said...

I think this is very interesting and helpfull because give us ideas to have a tradition in our families for the holidays , lisley said that we have to take the iniciative for a party or something to do for holidays

Andrea Endara

Anonymous said...

Is obvious that all the families celebrated a Holiday in a different ways, some celebrations are boring, other one are fun and so on, but the most important thing and why I think the Holidays were created was because is a moment, a great moment to share with family, friends and with the people that you really love.

Holidays are events that can be celebrated different but with the same objective that is to gather the people who wish and have a love and peacefull time.

Domenica Avellan
5th A

Anonymous said...

I think its a good article to carry the holidays..but i think that you should mostly celebrate with your family and friends and the people you love and want to be surrounded with!!!

Melanie Espinet
debate club

Logos Academy Debate Team 2009 said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I find this time of year quite sentimental. Many "Scrooges" have the opportunity to change.

LoReNa BaRrAzUeTa said...

i totally agree with you! The best is to spend holidays with family or friends !
I would never let go one opportunity to invite all my family and friends to celebrate something and have a nice time together in which you can forget about work school and all your problems! They are just the perfect opportunities to laugh with no reason and to spend money decorating the house with no repenting!

Anonymous said...

spending time with your family or friends on holidays is what matters the most.At the end of the day your still going to have a smile on your face because you've spent the most important holiday with your loved ones

Yvii Yunez said...

of course! last year i spent new year with a friend and was so awesome! and christmas with the family is great you can spent time together and tell stories, sing, and more is the best times of the year New Year Christmas and also VALENTINE'S DAY (:

Anonymous said...

in almost all the festivities, for me and my family is really important to spent a lot of time together, we do not use to have big parties with a lot of people, we prefered to travel in holydays in each oportunity we have to know something different.
Andrea Aguilera.

Anonymous said...

Holiday is a excused for we happy with our families.

Michelle Hernandez

Anonymous said...

holiday is the ocasion in wich we celebrate with family and friends, its like the time we use to rest from life and work.
atte.estefania zevallos