Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Students in bachillerato should choose the subjects they want to study"

I will prove that this resolution is true.
1.               Adolescents' develop autonomy
“The chains of slavery only tie our hands; is the mind which makes man free or slave” wise words by Franz Grillparzer, in this phrase we can understand the purpose of autonomy which according to the website thefreedictionary is the right of self-determination and independence, Man’s autonomy is even implicit in the Bible. According to the article BACHILLERATO written by Manuel Tarraga posted on the website centros5 the Bachillerato specialization gives the basic knowledge for the university carrier, it is the first track on your professional life; it helps you clarify what you want to work. The importance holds on to the student’s decision, they know what they LIKE and what they don’t, therefore students should have the right to choose what they SPECIFICALLY want to study, because studying subjects that do not contribute to your professional formation are useless at the moment of applying knowledge in a future job. For example, if I want to be an architect why should I know about chemistry or anatomy? 

2.               Choosing facilitates Adolescents to mature
Society is desperatly asking youth to mature at early ages, if they want so, then let us behave as INDEPENDENT BEINGS, let us make choises, if we are wrong we will learn to asume the consequences. According to the article Adolescents and why freedom is not free posted on the website physicologytoday written by the physicologist Carl Pickhardt states that along our lifes we have been taught about the directly relation between choice/consequence; for example Unprotected sex, can lead to sexual disease or unwanted pregnancy; if he parked illegally and got a ticket, he must spend his allowance money to pay the fine. By owning and dealing with the consequences of their decisions, the young person learns responsibility. This concept can be easily applied to education because parents try to assume the RESPONSABILITIES of the adolescents and their concequences just like the educational system TRIES, my laudable opponent might say that students shouldnt decide their subjects because their is already an Educational Macro organization that is in charge of making the pensuls of each specialization basing on the social changes and necesities, therefore they will know what are the best subjects for the adolescents specialization and will protect them to possible regreting and proffesional failure, but WHO WILL KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME THAN MYSELF, I would never think in harming my future, I would think in what is convenient for my develpment, as a proffesional and as an adult that learns how to deal with real situacions and decisions. Because adolescence is a more impulsive age, because peer pressure is strongest during adolescence, and because the adolescent brain is not yet fully formed, there is some thought about adolescents who make harmful choices would never be able to make the right ones and that they should held to adult account for the consequences of their actions OR IN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS, if you want adolescents to act grown up, you must hold them to adult account so they can learn to take adult responsibility.
3. Students that choose their subjects in school are more motivated to studying.
Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.  ~Napoleon Bonaparte
Students, winthin their role envolve the obligation to learn, to develop new habilities,to adquire knowledge, but it is with the purpose of DEVELOPING the hability that makes them stand out, and to demarcate their afinity with a certain subject, therefore they should focuss on it. According to the Cambridge Dictionary the Word motivation means enthusiasm and encouragment for doing something. According to the article what Armstrong teach us posted on the website writetodone, a clear example of motivation is Lance Armstrong, his passion and dedication to the cycling, made him the legend that he is. So what a better motivation for a student than to wake up in the morning knowing that he will study what passionate him. The emphasis and concentration on certain subjects will improve the quality of study material and will help TO CREATE a formal and well instructed proffesional. IS BETTER QUALITY than QUANTITY of knowledge, students in their specialization could learn from a wide scale but they would be mediocre in all, than standing in the neccesary ones. My opponent might say that ANY EXTRA SUBJECT COULD NEVER BE DEVALUATED but to clarify my statement I am not saying that they should prevent themselves of an extra knowledge, but that they should have the right to decide if they want to emphasize on them.

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Our opinion is very important because is what we want to be when we grow up.