Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Logos Academy Debate Team 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interviewing Dr. Roberto Passailegue

We ask Dr. Passailegue what was his opinion about ECA, he responded they were necessary to develop the sholarized curriculum as a way to reinforce academeically after school hours. He mentioned that ECA should adjust to the demand of the students neccessities to cover complementary aspects. He explained that one disadvantage are excessive training  versus healthy fun. By making ECA mandatory would affect public schools with 2 shifts, day and night schools will have an overlapping of time as well as teachers.

Some public schools don't have the infrastructure for training sports or practicing arts and crafts. Another factor he indicated was that the student-teacher ratio will also be affected. Equipment was a nother issues that can cause ECA to fail.  This can also affect the educative quality of schools, they must mantain it if deciding to make them mandatory. If ECA were to be mandatory then it should be to add to the school curriculum following the Ecuadorian needs for our students.

He shared with us that ECA also cover tutoring, homework assignments and projects.

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